Steel Hunter Is Back
The Last Waffenträger. Riding the Legend
Two videos for different events but with one interrelated narrative that tells the story of in-game events.

The difficulty in creating the visuals lied in the fact that the artists had to work with already rendered characters. The face icons for the game were ready, and we needed to improve the characters in general, while keeping the heroes the same, so that the viewers doesn't lose the connection with the heroes of the promo videos and characters in the game.

We chose drawing as an artistic tool, because live filming was expensive and difficult, because the prototype of commanders in the game weren't actors.

However, live shots at the start of the video let us move to the memories, justifying the stylistics and enhancing the emotional effect.

Working on two videos from the script creation to the final release versions took less than two months.
German Gryazev, Denis Sharapov
Creative/Executive Producer
Anastasia Chistyakova, German Gryazev
German Gryazev
Art/Motion design
Impuls Animation
Art director
Masha Zhurbenko
Denis Rozkov
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