World of Tanks: 10 Years In The Making

A documentary film shot for the 10th anniversary of the idea of World of Tanks. The task was to create an almanac, a yearbook for ten years, as well as accumulate the background of main participants of those event in their own words and create a full-fledged history of the Wargaming's flagship project.
Naval Legends: Aircraft Carrier Hornet | World of Warships
Naval Legends: HMS Belfast | World of Warships
Documentary films about warships and fortifications created during my work in the World of Warships project.

My responsibilities included the following:
  • Planning and organization of the project work process
  • Organization of filming, search for the speakers, and approval of the filming conditions
  • Taking part in the video supervision at all production stages from writing a script to the final mastering
  • Organization of the localization process
During my two years of working for the World of Warships project (Wargaming) as a Video Production Team Lead, I successfully managed and supervised the shooting and release of more than 20 documentary movies about warships and fortifications, as well as the series using macro shooting of the 18th–19th-century ship models filmed in the Central Naval Museum in Saint Petersburg.

I'd like to share some of these works with you.
Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys. Part 1 | World of Warships
Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys. Part 2 | World of Warships
Naval Fortress: San Francisco Artillery Corps
Naval Fortress: Fort Alexander I
1:42 Scale: HMS Ajax | World of Warships
1:42 Scale: Diana | World of Warships
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