The advertising campaign included content placement on the personal channels of WoT content creators. The creators themselves took part in the advertising. We needed to create a script where non-professional actors would feel relaxed and look harmoniously on the screen.

Three separate videos were created with one general video edited from those three. The filming of three advertising videos with stunts and CGI was done in 2.5 filming shifts.
Creative/Executive Producer
Anastasia Chistyakova
Nikita Sidorenko
Film director
Ilia Kluisha
Konstantin Ryabkov
Production designer
Gennady Tumilevich
Ilia Kluisha, Maksim Sivokozov
Music/Sound design
Maksim Koshevarov
Color correct
Ilia Kluisha
The Agency (Wargaming), Adrey Bogdanovich, Andrey Andrushevich, Dmitry Golovach, Konstantin Brailov
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