Creative Producer
Anastasia Chistyakova
Anastasia Chistyakova, Ilia Cheripko
Ilia Cheripko
Motion Design
Igor Sandimirov, Slava Cho-Din-Cho
Edit/Game capture
Maksym Syvokozov, Dmitry Frantsuzov
Art director
Pavel Pilovets
Music and lyric
Anatoly Simonov
Sound design
Project manager
Vitaliya Mironenko
The video was prepared specifically for the biggest ChinaJoy expo, where the World of Tanks Update 1.0 for the Chinese region was announced.

The task was to create a spectacular and memorable trailer. As a rule, full CG trailers are done for big expos, and this request was no exception. However, full CG wasn't possible in a specified time frame.

The first scene—the flight of an eagle over the map—was shot in the old WoT version. According to a story, the tank from the old version got to the same map but in its reworked variant in Update 1.0 (release of WoT in HD).

The music and lyrics were written specifically for this video by Anatoly Simonov. He also recorded the original track for the trailer. The sound version in 5.1 was prepared specifically for the expo.

The mascot animals were also created using the experimental technology to speed up the production. We meticulously selected the models on stocks with an already ready rig (sometimes we had to re-shoot the game scene for the model). After that, the graphics specialists turned it into an ethereal matter.

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