How to Play: MS-1. Part 1
The Merciless Sniper Returns. Part 2
Humorous video for April 1

Both videos got more than 5 million views worldwide 1 and 2 year since their release. What's interesting is that the humor in the script was so adaptive, and the audience liked the character so much, that the surge of activity regarding the video was in all regions including Asia and Latin America. In CIS region, the video was the first in the YouTube trends.

At the moment, the video about the little tank is the most viewed in the last 2 years in all regions where official World of Tanks channels exist. And the character itself became a common name.

This gameplay video was designed as a training base for new specialists. It wasn't the content that should've necessarily been released, but was the content that should've necessarily been released in Update 1.04 or not released at all. This way, the time limits were strict, while the creative freedom was quitewide.

Creative/Executive Producers
Anastasia Chistyakova, Sergey Fedorov
Ilia Cheripko
Motion design
Kirill Saloid, Roman Skalskiy
Semion Ashypa, Dmitry Frantsuzov
Alexsandr Matafonov
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